Dental Implants in Cairns

  • The most natural tooth replacement
  • Restore the function and aesthetics of you smile
  • The only tooth replacement that maintains jaw density
  • Long lasting, effective replacement

“I am very passionate about providing dental implants for my patients. It is the ideal solution for tooth loss and the only method that replaces the root and crown”

— Kerwin Street Dental

Our dental implant procedure is performed right here at our practice using Nobel Biocare dental implants.

Kerwin Street Dental is passionate about dental implants as they’re an ideal solution to replace missing teeth. They can replace both the root and crown of a missing tooth which means they’re much more advanced than a bridge, which only replaces the ‘cosmetic’ part of the tooth. Dental implants work to repair both the functionality and appearance of the tooth. This is why they are the superior solution to missing teeth.

6 Reasons why you should forget about dentures and choose dental implants

  1. Dental implants are permanent – you won’t have to take your dental implants out to clean like you would with dentures.
  2. You can forget you ever had the surgery after you’ve healed – unlike dentures which require ongoing maintenance for the rest of your life.
  3. Dental implants look more natural.
  4. They function just like your existing teeth – you can clean them just like you would your healthy teeth.
  5. They’re better for your overall dental hygiene and oral health.
  6. They’re more durable than dentures and won’t slip around – no glue required!

Dental Implants at Kerwin Street Dental

At Kerwin Street Dental we use the latest and most up to date technologies. We use a range of leading brand equipment for our dental implants including, MIS, BioHorizons and Nobel Biocare implants, the world’s most popular implant technology.  Dr Kerwin Street Dental has a special interest in dental implants and has taken an Advanced Masters course at UCLA to increase his mastery of the dental implant procedure.

Don’t be pushed from specialist to specialist – we complete this treatment in-house

Also, unlike other dental practices, Kerwin Street Dental can perform the dental implant procedure in-house, saving you time and money by avoiding referrals to outsourced dentists. With our clinic there will be no hopping from specialist to specialist, you will only speak to one dentist (Kerwin Street Dental) about your procedure, which will all be undertaken in our dedicated dental implant treatment room at our Cairns practice.