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We know that fear of the dentist knows no age or gender. This is why we’re passionate about helping all of our patients that suffer from this.

Dental anxiety is a relatively common condition that can stem from negative experiences from the past, a mindset passed down from a parent or simply because you haven’t visited the dentist in so long that it feels strange and puts you out of your comfort zone.

While our team will always be friendly, helpful and understanding to all of our patients, we also offer certain technologies which we have seen reduce patient anxiety.

The Intraoral Camera

Our intraoral camera (in-mouth camera) can give patients a close-up look at their teeth without the need to feel like their personal bubble is being invaded. This device is very small and will require you to open up so we can show you certain areas of concern easily with improved comfort and convenience.

‘Comfort First’ is our motto

The comfort of our patients is extremely important to us. We aim to make every part of your visit comfortable which includes our lounges in the waiting area and the facilities that are available during your appointment. We welcome all of our patients to use our in-office iPods during their procedures or check-ups to distract themselves with their choice of music. We find this assists greatly in relaxation.

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