Why you shouldn’t avoid the dentist

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Sometimes the journey to get your smile back on track is complicated and can involve a variety of different procedures – not to mention your time and constant care.

Adults are notorious with dentists for not looking after their teeth well enough. While some adults do take excellent care of their teeth, most seem to neglect their smile in one way or another whether it be through:

  • Not wearing mouth guards when playing sport
  • Not wearing their retainers
  • Not flossing their teeth
  • Not brushing their teeth
  • Not visiting the dentist

As adults ourselves we know how hard it is to make solid plans when everything is so busy and hectic in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Saying this however, it’s important to prioritise and make time for the things that truly count and make a difference to your life such as the dentist. While visiting the dentist can seem like a slightly expensive venture it’s nothing compared to having to have reconstructive procedures that rehabilitate your smile such as dental implants. This is why proactivity when it comes to your smile is so important.

What can happen if I don’t visit the dentist?

Visiting the dentist is vital to your ongoing health and wellbeing as the dentist can help remove tartar and plaque that can potentially lead to tooth decay, tooth loss and disease. If you fail to visit the dentist then you are in risk of developing these problems, especially if you don’t think about what you eat in relation to your dental health.

If you do happen to suffer from decay in the future then:

  • You could lose part of your tooth
  • You could suffer from a dental emergency and have to go to the dentist or hospital
  • You may suffer from sudden dental pain
  • If one teeth is affected and untreated the rest of your smile could be in danger

Why avoiding the dentist doesn’t make sense

The main reason people avoid the dentist is because they’re afraid of pain. This doesn’t make much sense as not only are most (if not all) dental procedures completely comfortable nowadays, you are at a much higher risk of dental pain if you don’t get problems treated early.

Leaving decay will only let the cavity get bigger and bigger – letting more and more plaque enter the delicate inside of your tooth. The bacteria will then begin to eat away at your pulp. This is what causes pain in your teeth and will most likely result in you making an emergency appointment with your dentist. This could have easily been prevented by visiting your dentist regularly every six months as the cavity could have been treated early with a fissure sealant. Now that you’ve left it you will most likely need a root canal or at the very least a filling.

A root canal procedure will involve the removal of pulp and cleansing of the interior of the teeth. This is necessary when the pulp has been destroyed by bacteria and decay.

Hopefully this article has been enough to motivate you to book a general check-up with Kerwin Street Dental in Cairns.

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