Why you should know about Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design

A high quality dentist examines more than just your teeth before applying veneers – they will examine your full smile aesthetics including the shape of your jaw and the state of your dental health.

Kerwin Street Dental in Cairns operates with Digital Smile Design which is an advanced dental tool to help your dentist better understand your smile and the treatments that need to be performed.

What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design is an advanced procedure where veneers are made based not only on your physical appearance, but also on moulds and videos taken which show how your upper and lower jaw fit together. This enables our dentist in Cairns, Kerwin Street Dental, to make porcelain veneers which fit immaculately with your existing teeth. Most dentists simply make a mould of your teeth and then create your veneers from there. With Digital Smile Design at Kerwin Street Dental we also take a video of your smile while you move your jaw so that more accurate veneers can be made.

Digital Smile Design will involve a number of steps.

              Step 1.

During your first DSD appointment Kerwin Street Dental or one of our other practicing dentists will examine your smile and talk to you about your appearance goals. We will take into consideration your photographic records (if you are an existing patient). If you are not an existing patient then we recommend that you bring along any x-rays you have had in the past.

We will also create a video to fully map the appearance of your smile. This will visualise lip and jaw motion, and identify any problems with your bite alignment and function of your jaw.

              Step 2.

Your DSD will then be displayed on our in-practice computer where we will take you through the shape of your smile, including the individual shape of the teeth and what that means for your treatment.

              Step 3.

A mould will be taken of your teeth so that a cast can be made – known as a hard model which will be made in a laboratory.

              Step 4.

Using special dental materials we will create a physical representation of what your smile could look like with the appropriate restorative or cosmetic procedures. Some patients wish to take the material discussed above, and the smile ‘mock-up’ home so that they can think about the treatments and seek a second opinion from family and friends.

             Step 5.

Once you have decided to go ahead with treatment you can book an appointment to have your veneers fitted. The porcelain veneers will be made before your appointment based on the moulds taken of your smile. Your teeth will need to be prepared before bonding begins so that the veneers can properly adhere to the teeth.

Your new smile is ready!

When this appointment is complete your new smile will be ready to show to the world. With your specially made veneers which were designed to fit your smile perfectly, you will be able to speak and chew comfortably.

For information about Digital Smile Design with Kerwin Street Dental in Cairns please make an enquiry online.

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