What can I do to replace my missing tooth?

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Are you missing one or more teeth? Restoring your missing tooth or teeth is not only important for your confidence and self esteem, but more importantly to your oral and overall health.

After a full mouth examination here at Kerwin Street Dental in Cairns, we can determine the treatment plan that is best suited to your individual circumstances and dental requirements. Although each patient has different needs and concerns, below are some of the most common dental procedures we may recommend to restore your missing teeth.

Dental Implants – a permanent solution to replace missing teeth

Dental implants replace your entire tooth. Forget about dentures, unsatisfactory prosthetics or gaps due to missing teeth, dental implants are a strong, long-term solution. At Kerwin Street Dental we use Nobel Biocare implants, the world’s most popular implant technology. Kerwin Street Dental has a special interest in Dental Implants and has taken an advanced Masters course in Los Angeles specifically in the treatment of Dental Implants.

Crowns and Caps

Once your dental implants have fused to your jaw bone, we can cap your dental implants with what is known as a cap. A crown is a full tooth cover restoration that is placed over a cracked, broken, root filled or a heavily filled tooth to protect the tooth against fracture.

Dental crowns are similar in shape and shade to dental veneers except that crowns cover all the surfaces of a tooth whereas veneers only cover the front surface of the tooth. Kerwin Street Dental can determine if a crown is the most suitable dental option to restore your smile based on a number of indications including:

  • If a large part of a tooth has splintered and the rest of the tooth is at risk of further fracture, a dental crown can protect the remaining part of the tooth from fracture.
  • During root canal treatment, a large portion of the tooth is removed and the remaining tooth tissue can fracture and discolour after root canal treatment. A crown can increase the success rate of a root canal treated tooth, protect the structure of the tooth, increase its longevity and its aesthetics.
  • If a patient grinds their teeth and his/her teeth have chipped and fractured, dental crowns offer protection against further tooth fracture.
  • For cosmetic purposes, people who have large mismatched fillings on their front teeth may opt to have crowns to improve their smile.

The Latest technology applied with precision to provide quality service and patient comfort

At Kerwin Street Dental, we can help restore your smile with our state-of-the-art dental technologies coupled with our compassionate care.  We have transitioned to a completely computerised system which means all of our treatments; results and administration are fully recorded and archived. This delivers efficiencies and cost savings to you during every stage of treatment. This equipment includes:

Digital X-ray: We utilise digital x-rays which are up to 90% safer than traditional x-rays and provide almost instantaneous results. We can review these results on the in-room monitor, so that our patients can see what we see!

Intraoral Camera: Together with the digital x-ray, our in-mouth camera can give patients a close up look at their teeth to see the dental issues up close and personal. Through this technology, we can even show the results and demonstrate the comparison post treatment.

Pain-Free Solutions: We use the latest in anaesthesia which help us provide the quality treatment you need and deserve, while ensuring your comfort.

CEREC same day restorations: A CEREC ceramic restoration is a breakthrough technology. Ceramic restorations can now be completed in one appointment. Ceramic inlays, onlays and crowns are long term restorations used to protect and strengthen cracked, broken, Root Canal Treated or heavily restored teeth.

Experience the benefits of our advanced technology first hand by visiting us at Kerwin Street Dental. We have a comprehensive range of General, Restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments available.

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