Understanding Your Wisdom Teeth

wisdom teeth

Growing into adulthood are some of the most exciting years of our lives, so why do we find our days often weighed down by headaches and pain?

Here at Kerwin Street Dental in Cairns, we value the concerns of our clients and would like to clarify with you what your wisdom teeth are, why they hurt and if you are eligible to get them removed.

Wisdom teeth: the breakdown

Usually noticed from the late teens to mid 20’s, the four wisdom teeth are known as the third molars and can be found at both ends of each jaw. Although most people have wisdom teeth, occasionally it can be found that some or all of the teeth may remain sheltered beneath the gum indefinitely, or otherwise the tooth might never have developed in the first place.

Although painful at times, wisdom teeth can actually be pretty useful to your mouth and may not need to be removed. If this is the case, these are the type of results you should have:

  1. The third molars are fully grown from gums and infection-free
  2. Not pushing overly against your other teeth
  3. Aligned well with your natural bite
  4. Possible to clean and floss
  5. Don’t affect the overall health of your mouth and body

It’s common for wisdom teeth to cause some aches and pains as they grow through your gums. When you think about it properly, a lot of us probably experienced growing pains through adolescence – maybe remembering that particular pain can help you better understand why changes to your body can just hurt sometimes!

As the wisdom tooth breaks through the skin, you may be able to notice a slight change in the taste of your mouth and a dull headache-like pain in the face. Provided the tooth grows through with no issues, the torn gum should eventually heal until the movement of the tooth disturbs the gums again.

Signs to look out for

A wisdom tooth may do all its growing at once, but often the process is broken up by months and sometimes years. This is why if pain persists, its best to come in and see us at Dr Steven Dental to determine what (if necessary) type of treatment needs to be advised. For some patients, although treatment may never be absolutely necessary, they may choose to have their teeth removed regardless and it’s usually because some or all of the following symptoms:

  • Prolonged pain along the jaw, making it hard concentrate or get rid of headaches
  • The gums are infected or inflamed, causing swelling
  • The inside of the cheeks are torn and are not healing
  • The teeth are suffering decay or rot due to difficulty when trying to clean them
  • They are damaging their neighbour teeth or angled crookedly; making the adjacent teeth crowed and upsetting the structure or bite of the jaw
  • Jaw stiffness
  • The generally feeling of being sick

What Dr Kerwin Street Dental and his team can do for you

By booking a check-up at Kerwin Street Dental Dental, Cairns we’re able to determine the source of your symptoms and decide with you personally a treatment plan that works for you. The removal is often easier in younger people as the roots may not be fully developed. You might not be able to notice the symptoms too much at the moment, but if you act quickly there is the definitely the possibility of attacking the problem before the problem comes to you!

If you still want more information, make sure you book an appointment with us today at Kerwin Street Dental Dental in Cairns because it really is important to us that tomorrow’s leaders are healthy, headstrong and not afraid to move forward.


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