Top 5 benefits of porcelain veneers

wide range of restorative treatments

Are you looking into porcelain veneers and not sure where to start?

When patients are looking to transform the appearance of their smile there is a wide range of restorative treatments available to them and it is often hard to decide what is best. At Kerwin Street Dental we offer treatments such as teeth whitening, dental implants, crowns and porcelain veneers which all offer improvements to your smile. To help you navigate your treatment options we’ve compiled the top 5 benefits of porcelain veneers. You may also wish to read our previous blog 6 reasons patients choose teeth whitening to transform their smile.

  1. Correct a range of dental concerns

Porcelain veneers from Kerwin Street Dental offer patients a treatment that corrects the appearance of teeth. This includes any concerns such as discolourisation or staining, oddly shaped or uneven teeth, gaps or crooked teeth and even cracked or chipped teeth.

  1. Fast treatment time

Unlike orthodontic work which can take years, CEREC porcelain veneers are attached to the front surface of your teeth on the same day. The porcelain shells cover up any visible problems producing that beautiful smile you have always desired without any wait time.

  1. Produce a natural looking smile

Kerwin Street Dental uses colour match technology to ensure your new smile will blend seamlessly with any visible natural teeth. The shells are also extremely thin, acting in a similar fashion to a false fingernail, meaning they look and feel like natural teeth. The restoration will be enough to enhance your smile but not so much as to look fake or unnatural.

  1. Teeth are strong and healthy

A small amount of enamel is removed to make room for the thin shells while the rest of the tooth remains. This means teeth are largely left in their natural state which is the best case scenario. Natural teeth offer a strength and durability that cannot be found in false restorations.

  1. Stain-resistant

While it is extremely important to maintain regular cleaning, flossing and dental check-ups once your veneers are in place, when this is done correctly veneers offer the increased benefit of being stain resistant. This means your newly transformed smile will be a lasting investment.

CEREC Veneers

Kerwin Street Dental utilises the latest technology for all of his treatments including porcelain veneers restorations. CEREC technology reduces the wait time for restorations as all machines are available from the Kerwin Street Dental practice. Traditional veneers can take up to 3 weeks to create from your impressions and will need at least 2 appointments. With CEREC technology, your teeth will be prepared, scanned and your veneers created and attached all on the same day. No need for a long wait time.

Porcelain veneers before and after


Kerwin Street Dental has helped hundreds of patients receive the smile of their dreams. Below are some of the smile transformations using porcelain veneers and our state of the art CEREC technology.

If you are ready to transform your smile with porcelain veneers or would lie to learn more about the treatment call the friendly team at Kerwin Street Dental today to organise a consultation.

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