Thinking About Getting Your Teeth Whitened?

Totally Smiles in Cairns uses their 40 years of experience to provide patients with quality dental care and professional teeth whitening treatments to brighten your smile.

Yellow teeth are a common problem in life that absolutely no one enjoys and at Totally Smiles we offer teeth whitening treatments to our patients in Cairns who want to brighten their smile by several shades. Once you’ve come in, you will have a refreshed smile free from artificial stains by the time you walk out again. We offer a host of teeth whitening options to our patients who are in pursuit of the perfect smile, catering to all their individual needs.

ZOOM! In-Chair Teeth Whitening

At only $450, our patients can come and have in-chair teeth whitening done that is fast and effective. Your whitening process will take no more than 1 hour to do with one of our team members at Totally Smiles. Being the #1 most sought-after teeth whitening brand by our patients, we naturally use Zoom! Whitening. Its history as a safe and effective tooth whitening brand makes it an easy choice for our patients.

When there is no time in the day to come in for your in-chair whitening or perhaps you just enjoy being a DIY kind of person then Zoom! Daywhite take-home teeth whitening is what you need. The take-home whitening has many benefits, namely that because the Daywhite whitening gel is less intense than the in-chair process, it is safe to use by yourself. You can now use the Daywhite whitening gel on your own time to fit into your busy weeks. If you have been for an in-chair whitening at Kerwin Street Dental, then the take-home gel also serves as a perfect refresher to your already whitened teeth. The initial results can begin to fade from food and drink stains and as a result, the take-home gel helps you to maintain your bright smile, helping you look younger for longer.

Common Teeth Whitening Queries

A commonly asked question we receive is why do people start getting yellow teeth in the first place?
The factors that contribute to a person’s yellowing of the teeth can range from a multitude of different dietary and lifestyle choices. The different food and drink we consume can have a varying impact on the yellowness of our teeth, such as coffee, wine and tea. Further contributors to watch out for are signs of decay in teeth that cause a yellow colour to form. Lifestyle choices such as smoking can begin to yellow your teeth and even the over the counter medications we take can contribute to their further discolouration.

One concern our patients have is whether or not using over the counter DIY whitening treatments are dangerous. In truth, the products are only a short-term fix and their long terms negative effects are prevalent. These abrasive products damage the enamel while offering the immediate fix for yellow teeth; however, they can very likely cause further damage to your teeth in the future. With a professional take-home kit from Totally Smiles the trays will fit your teeth perfectly giving you successful whitening results. On the other hand, DIY over the counter whiteners have a one-size-fits-all policy that can often times leave your teeth looking patchy and you looking worse off than when you started.

Patients are also eager to find out just how long their results will last for. This is dependent on your own daily oral hygiene. If you continue to regularly eat and drink products that stain your teeth then your results will naturally begin to fade. Furthermore, if you don’t keep up with regular flossing and brushing then the effects of the whitening will only last for so long. However, if you are mindful of these things then your results will last you much longer, and keep you looking your refreshed best. To find out more about our teeth whitening treatments, or to make an appointment, please click here.

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