Suffering from tooth sensitivity? Find out why

tooth sensitivity

Coming into the cooler months, you may notice you teeth are a little more delicate than last year to the inhalation of cold air. If this is the case, you may be prone to tooth sensitivity.

Tooth sensitivity is regularly diagnosed by dentists all over the county. There are a number of different factors that may affect your teeth and make them feel sensitive so it’s important you attend regular check-ups every 6months to ensure your teeth are in top shape!

The following article by Kerwin Street Dental located in Cairns provides a basic outline to what causes tooth sensitivity, including at home care information and treatment options we can offer you to restore your tooth to its original health.

Major causes behind tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is not always as simple as it may seem. Here are a handful of reasons why your teeth could be sensitive:

  • Damage to the tooth enamel

Your teeth are made up of 4 different elements; the enamel, dentin, dental pulp and the cementum. The enamel is the outer most layer of the tooth, visible to the naked eye. This part offers the greatest protection for the rest of the tooth.  When it becomes damaged or eroded it means that the next layer of the tooth may be exposed, making the tooth more susceptible to hot and cold foods.

  • Gingivitis or periodontal (gum) disease

Inflamed gums from gingivitis can often make your teeth feel sensitive. This is because inside the gums is the tooth root which is not covered by enamel and when exposed, it is more likely to give you the sensitive tooth sensation.

  • Grinding or clenching of teeth

When patients suffer from problems with grinding or clenching, it causes the enamel over the teeth to wear and puts excess pressure on the gums, eventually leading to not only sensitivity issues but a heap of different nasty oral problems. This is commonly known as TMD and can be treated with the help of a prescription night guard.

  • Receding gums

Like gum disease, receding gums can lead to the feeling of increased sensitivity because the gums cover and protect the tooth root and when they are damaged the dentin of the tooth becomes exposed and sensitive.

How you can ease tooth sensitivity

To slow down the erosion of the enamel, reduce the amount of acidic drinks you consume. Tea, coffee and wine damage your enamel along with sugary drinks like cola.

Make sure you are brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing. Don’t brush too hard! This will more likely further damage your enamel rather than solve the problem so purchase soft toothbrushes instead of hard ones.

A fluoride rinse can help decrease sensitivity when decay problems are evident. Use it once a day and be sure to spit and rinse afterwards. Make sure you consult with one of our helpful professionals if you are unsure about the products and we’ll be sure to offer you quality advice where necessary.

How we can solve tooth sensitivity for you

Depending on the extent of damage to your mouth and gums, your dental professional will likely use one of the following solutions:

  • General dentistry – you could benefit from just a clean, check-up and oral health advice where the problem is only miniscule. Where the enamel of the tooth is damaged, you may require some fillings or other tooth restorations, but your dentist will guide you through these options during your check-up.
  • Cosmetic dentistry – your dental professional may advise you to get CEREC restorations or porcelain veneers to replace the enamel and restore the tooth.
  • Restorative dentistry – root canal may be needed to restore the tooth to its original health. If tooth loss or extensive decay is present, dental implants may be advised to cease gum recession and improve your overall oral health.

There are many other reasons behind tooth sensitivity, so it’s important to consult with your dentist here at Kerwin Street Dental in Cairns and find out the best way that we can help treat you. To find out more about tooth sensitivity and the treatments we offer to combat the symptoms, contact us today.


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