When was the last time you updated your extras cover? #Time2Switch!


With extras cover growing in popularity, some Australians feel like they’re being unfairly influenced.

As of late, there has been a trend among Australians favouring extras policies over general hospital cover. This trend, along with a lack of transparency among health insurance providers has led the Australian Dental Association to call for industry wide reform.

For most people, some form of dental cover is a necessity. With more and more dental practices being owned and operated by insurers, many people feel as though they are being influenced to undergo treatments based upon their specific type of cover, at a clinic operated by the insurer. Your insurer may refer you to an unnecessary treatment with promise of a higher rebate, leading to a tiered system for patients. For this reason, patients who are paying the same premium may not receive same rebate.

Why should you switch extras cover?

With over 50% of Australians now having some form of health insurance cover, it has become easier for providers to make regular changes to premiums without customers being aware. Generally, premiums rise annually, however the rebates you receive for from these extras have not increased at the same rate. Although all providers are required to release this information, they are not required to notify customers.

Because of this, the gap between the premiums you pay and the rebate you receive from your extras cover will increase, meaning that patients ‘out-of-pocket’ expenses will also continue to rise until there is some sort of reform. This call for reform is currently being spearheaded by the ADA.

Kerwin Street Dental recommends thoroughly researching all your insurance options on a regular basis to ensure you are receiving suitable cover.

How does this affect Kerwin Street Dental?

Kerwin Street Dental, along with other independent dental practices will be forced to increase the cost of treatments due to increases in premiums. This could lead to frustration among patients who are not aware that these increases are due to premium increases and not by the practitioner themselves. Furthermore, insurance companies will be able to refer customers to practices which they operate whilst independent practices are overlooked.

Although there has been hospital cover reform in the past, specific extras cover reform has been neglected.


The Australian Dental Associations #Time2Switch campaign takes aim at private health funds and calls for greater transparency across the industry. The #Time2Switch website allows users to compare policies against similar policies, seek advice on policy options, and search across the abundance of resources provided by the ADA. The website also provides important resources for both health professionals and members of the public to make a formal complaint about their health fund to the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

#Time2Switch with Kerwin Street Dental

Kerwin Street Dental and the team at Kerwin Street Dental understand how difficult it can be to choose an appropriate extras policy. We are in total support of the ADA and the push for industry wide reform. For more information about the #Time2Switch campaign, or to make an official complaint, take a look at the Time2Switch website.

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