How important is it to replace a missing tooth?

replacing tooth with dental implants

Not replacing a missing tooth can cause a range of serious oral and overall health problems

Many people are totally unaware of the consequences of not replacing a missing tooth. Aside from the obvious aesthetic issues, not replacing a tooth can cause deterioration of bone and lead to a change in the shape and appearance of the jaw. When a gap is present, the surrounding teeth will also begin to shift and align in a way that can inhibit your bite.

Dental implants are an effective and innovative solution for replacing one or more missing teeth, and have a range of benefits to both your oral and overall health.

Improved Function

One of the most important benefits of dental implant treatment is that it provides you with an improvement in oral function and ability. When you don’t replace a missing tooth, your existing teeth may shift into the gap, inhibiting your bite and causing pain and discomfort. As a dental implant acts just like a natural tooth, you will be able to regain full oral function.

Improved Oral Health

Once the existing teeth have shifted in response to a missing tooth, it can make brushing and maintenance very difficult. Spaces between the teeth, which once had tight contact with adjacent teeth, may now have larger gaps that are exposed to food and other debris.

These exposed areas are just wide enough to allow debris to enter, but are still small enough to be difficult to reach with regular brushing and flossing. Receiving dental implant treatment can help to keep your existing teeth in place to ensure effective brushing and flossing. It also allows the opposing tooth somewhere to rest upon, avoiding further oral health problems such as tooth eruption.

Improved Speech

Missing teeth can have an affect on your speech and articulation, especially when located in an area of the mouth that is used often when speaking, such as the front.

Other dental restorations, such as dentures can also inhibit speech as they are removable and can slip, causing you to mumble or slur your words. As dental implants are a permanent fixture, and are designed to appear and act just like a natural tooth, they allow you to speak normally.

Improved Appearance

Dental implants are designed to look and feel just like your natural teeth. They are tailored to fit comfortably and replace a missing or damaged tooth. The implant itself fuses to the jawbone and becomes a permanent fixture within your mouth, meaning that you don’t have to worry about losing your restorations and dealing with messy and uncomfortable adhesives.

For patients who are missing a visible tooth at the front of the mouth, dental implants are often an ideal solution.

Dental Implant Treatment at Kerwin Street Dental in Cairns

Kerwin Street Dental has a special interest in dental implants and has completed an advanced masters course at UCLA to ensure that his patients receive the very best treatment. All dental implant procedures are completed in-house meaning that Kerwin Street Dental will be with you at each step of your procedure. This helps us to tailor your implants and create a comfortable, high quality restoration.

If you have one or more missing teeth and would like more information about dental implants, or to book a consultation, contact the team at Kerwin Street Dental today!

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