Find your perfect smile with teeth whitening at Kerwin Street Dental

teeth whitening at Kerwin Street Dental

Many patients are surprised to learn that their perfect smile was there all along

Many people don’t know what great smiles they have until they get them whitened. Here at Kerwin Street Dental in Cairns we are passionate about ensuring the vibrancy and lustre of your smile as well as its shape and function. This is why we’re proud to offer a range of tooth whitening treatments to suit your preferences and affordability. We offer both in-chair tooth whitening as well as take-home tooth whitening which are both reliable and efficient options for discoloured or yellowed teeth.

Teeth whitening can hide white flecks or enamel hypoplasia

Lots of our patients come to us with concerns regarding white flecks that they have on their teeth. Small white flecks on the teeth are most commonly caused by an over-excessive fluoride intake. This imperfection called enamel hypoplasia most commonly occurs when you’re young and as your teeth grow out they become very difficult to cover up or hide however, creating a whiter smile will mean that they are camouflaged by the whiteness of the rest of your teeth. If you are still concerned about your white flecks after your teeth have been whitened then you will benefit from resin, porcelain or composite bonding which involves you dentist colour-matching the rest of your teeth using a small amount of porcelain resin which can be daubed on the tooth just like acrylic paint. If this interests you as a solution talk to your dentist at Kerwin Street Dental to discuss your options.

Can I receive teeth whitening treatment if I’ve lost a lot of my enamel?

Many of our patients have experienced loss of enamel and are concerned about what tooth whitening may do to their teeth or if it will even work. Unfortunately, if you have lost a lot of enamel normal tooth whitening procedures may not be as effective as they would on someone with full enamel still in place. Having tooth whitening performed and enamel-free teeth can also result in damage to the pulp of your teeth as well as result in induced sensitivity which can limit your ability to eat hot/cold food.  If you have found yourself in this boat then you will benefit more greatly from porcelain veneers which are thin layers of porcelain which ‘cap’ the teeth and conceal all imperfections.

Store bought teeth whitening systems are potentially very damaging to your teeth

Did you know that store-bought teeth whiteners can actually damage your teeth enamel, making it more difficult to achieve that pearly white smile? Many people make the common mistake of investing in grocery store tooth whitening systems which are minimally effective and do more harm than good.

Try ZOOM! Teeth whitening at Kerwin Street Dental

Here at our Cairns practice we utilise the most advanced tooth whitening systems available. ZOOM! Teeth whitening is a short, 1 hour treatment which can be performed in your lunch break. This treatment can make your teeth up to 7 shades whiter which will leave you smiling from ear to ear.

If you are interested in finding out more about the cosmetic treatments available at Kerwin Street Dental in Cairns please do not hesitate to contact us.

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