Dental Implants are the best solution to missing teeth

for replacing missing teeth, dental implants are the best solutino

It isn’t always possible to keep your natural teeth, that’s why Kerwin Street Dental offers dental Implants…

Unfortunately a lot of us will experience the loss of a tooth at one point in life. This may be because of periodontitis, gingivitis or simple a sporting or accidental injury which leaves us compromised. According to a recent study of tooth-loss patterns in Australia, natural tooth loss (due to periodontitis) was most prevalent in the section of the population not covered by private health insurance and in the older generation as many changes occur with age.

In the event of a lost tooth it is important that you don’t leave your gap for a long period of time, or even a few days as this can result in bone loss and dispersion of the rest of your teeth (gaps). Where possible you should always try and preserve your natural tooth which you can do by storing it in a glass of milk or your mouth after your accident. Unfortunately dentists only have around 20 to 30 minutes to reinsert your natural tooth and half the time your body may reject the damaged roots anyway. If this happens your dentist at Kerwin Street Dental will recommend dental implants as the best solution.

What is a dental implant?

In case you don’t know, a dental implant is a titanium support which is inserted into the jaw which acts as an artificial ‘root’, though it is biocompatible. This silver support will later be covered by a ceramic tooth which your dentist will create using CEREC technology. CEREC technology is an innovative tool which simplifies the construction of porcelain moulds and provides a realistic, natural looking tooth.

Ways to prevent tooth loss

Here at Kerwin Street Dental we believe in prevention over after-treatment and therefore like to educate our patients on ways to avoid a myriad of dental complications.

The main ways to prevent dental concerns are:

  • Maintaining oral hygiene
  • Brush Twice Per Day
  • Floss once per day (before bed)
  • See your dentist twice a year or every 6 months
  • Fixing gaps in the teeth immediately
  • Reporting unnerving pains or discomfort immediately to your dentist

While these all may sound like common sense to you we have a lot of patients that are seemingly unaware of the simple yet effective preventive measures for tooth loss and general dental complications.

If you are interested in finding out more about our dental implant treatments please visit us at our Kerwin Street clinic or make an appointment at Kerwin Street Dental by contacting us here.

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