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Early Dental Treatment

More and more people are now realising the importance of visiting a dentist on a regular basis. The benefits of doing so are becoming more apparent making dental care a top priority for many.

Whilst the importance of adults visiting a dentist regularly has become evident over the years, there are still many parents who question the validity of taking their children to see the dentist, unless they have a dental problem.

Many parents overlook the importance of taking their child to the dentist from a young age, which could result in a costly mistake in their child’s later years. Understanding the important of taking your child to the dentist regularly from an early age can give them a healthy mouth and teeth for the rest of their lives.

Why Is It Important For Your Child To See A Dentist?

  • Building a relationship: Taking your child to see a dentist from a young age is an important step in helping them become accustomed to the whole dental process. Children are often afraid of doctors and dentists and going to the dentist from an early age (and regularly) will help them get comfortable with the process of the dental exam and cleaning. Taking them to the same dentist for their treatments will also help them build a trusting relationship with the dentist and staff, making them feel safe and comfortable – which will make future dental visits (and possible procedures) much easier to deal with!
  • Ensures future visits as adults: Maintaining early and regular visits will not only make your child more comfortable during their dental appointments but it will also give them the confidence to continue visiting the dentist even as they get older. Children with positive experiences at the dentist are more likely to continue with their regular visits even when they become adults. This means better oral and dental health care for your child throughout their life.
  • Builds good habits: Dentists are not only there to help solve a problem; they can also help your child avoid dental problems before they actually arise. Dentists will often advise patients on proper at-home cleaning and care, dietary changes to help improve the health of your teeth, and what to avoid to prevent damage. These good habits (such as avoiding biting nails and chewing on pens and pencils) can be instilled in your little ones from an early age through regular visits to the dentist, who can help explain the importance of caring for teeth and get your kids on the right path to excellent oral and dental health.
  • Preventative care: Dentists are trained to examine the teeth, mouth, and gums and to identify any problems or potential problems to help treat them. If caught early enough (which can happen through regular visits) your dentist can successfully treat dental problems before they become much worse. This is especially important with young children whose bodies and bones are still developing. These early visits will help your dentist pick up on any potential problems your child may face and can advise on treatment. So, if your child needs braces to straighten their teeth or correct their bite, or appear to be candidates for cavities, their dentist will be able to help get them proper treatment in time and help them avoid suffering from more complicated (and costly) dental problems later on in life.
  • Boosts their confidence: Children with decaying or damaged teeth will often feel too shy and embarrassed to smile, laugh, and interact with others because of their teeth. This can cause social anxiety which can affect their well-being and even their school lives. Healthy teeth will look good which will give your kids the confidence they need to keep smiling and interacting with others without worrying. This can be achieved through regular dental visits during which the dentist will clean their teeth and remove accumulated plaque and tartar which can cause decay.
  • Avoid discomfort: Cavities, gum disease, infection, etc. cause much discomfort and pain which can be unbearable for children. It can also cause difficulty with biting, chewing, and speaking. Dental pain and discomfort can also cause restless nights which could leave both you and your child feeling grumpy. Visiting the dentist can help your child avoid these problems (or ease them) so your little one can enjoy their life to the fullest.
  • Avoid dental anxiety: If you only take your child to the dentist once they have developed a problem (such as cavities) you could risk giving them dental anxiety. If a child’s first dental visit involves getting injections and undergoing drilling to their teeth, it could negatively colour their experience at the dentist which could make them afraid of future visits.
  • Advice for you: After examining your child’s teeth and mouth, your dentist will be able to identify any problem areas, especially regarding cleaning and diet. They can then offer you advice on changes you need to make to your child’s lifestyle to improve their dental health. Little things such as sucking on their thumb or biting hard candies can cause damage to their mouth and teeth and are habits which you could help your child get rid of, before it causes serious damage.

Taking your little one to the dentist from an early age and on a regular basis can really help them maintain a healthy and happy mouth and teeth which will in turn help them remain healthy and happy!

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