Ceramic restorations with Kerwin Street Dental and CEREC

ceramic restorations

CEREC is the state of the art technology used to create a range of dental enhancements

Porcelain dentistry can be a useful means of reinvigorating and reshaping your teeth and smile. At Kerwin Street Dental located in Cairns we are passionate about innovations in restorative dentistry and want to offer you a healthy balance of traditional and newer treatments. One of the most prominent dental treatments that have come out of the last decade is CEREC.

What is CEREC and how can it help me?

CEREC utilises 3D scanning technology to create custom veneers, crowns and implants. This technology is a step up from previously used dental gum which was uncomfortable for patients and had a tacky and floury feeling. Utilising the scanning properties of the CEREC your dentist at Kerwin Street Dental will make a digital impression of your teeth and will often use a 3D modeling program and in-house milling machine to create an extremely accurate mould of a veneer, crown or implant. This mould will have an extremely natural tooth colour and sheen which will fit flawlessly with your natural teeth.

CEREC is a great technological advance in dentistry and can offer multiple different benefits including:

• Impeccably accurate moulds (no re-moulding necessary)
• Single-visit restorations with veneers or crowns
• Superior and more realistic aesthetics
• The software enables your dentist complete design control which means your dentist will be able to tailor your treatment to your exact specifications

How can I enhance my teeth with a veneer made with CEREC?

Over time our teeth can become inflicted with signs of wear including discolouration, lasting misshapenness and chips. Sometimes we can be born with white flecks on the teeth or develop discolouration over time. While some dentists opt for a tooth coloured paste to fix this, veneers are a lasting and more accurate solution. Misshapen teeth are a common complaint from our patients and they are often put off by permanent mamelons. Mamelons are the ridges on the front of the teeth (most commonly the two front teeth) that are prominent when milk teeth first come through where they help the teeth break through the skin. Unfortunately, sometimes these ridges do not break down over time and can affect people’s self-confidence and smile aesthetics. Veneers can be used as a solution to conceal these imperfections as well as hide small chips and perfect the appearance of your smile.

When will I need a crown made by CEREC?

Crowns are also known as ‘dental caps’, ‘porcelain jackets’ or ‘tooth caps’ and are used to conceal a damaged tooth and prevent infection or nerve damage. Sometimes we are visited by patients who are experiencing discomfort and pain so we will provide a general dentistry check-up where we go through and check for signs of damage in the affected area. If we find a cavity or similar that cannot be healed by a simple filling we will often employ the use of a crown to seal the cavity and re-strengthen the tooth. Crowns used to be made out of metal alloy (amalgam) or a combination of metal and porcelain. Now, utilising the CEREC technology we are able to make full porcelain crowns perfectly fitted to your natural teeth.

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