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Why you should know about Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design

A high quality dentist examines more than just your teeth before applying veneers – they will examine your full smile aesthetics including the shape of your jaw and the state of your dental health. Kerwin Street Dental in Cairns operates…

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Suffering from tooth sensitivity? Find out why

tooth sensitivity

Coming into the cooler months, you may notice you teeth are a little more delicate than last year to the inhalation of cold air. If this is the case, you may be prone to tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity is regularly…

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Understanding Your Wisdom Teeth

wisdom teeth

Growing into adulthood are some of the most exciting years of our lives, so why do we find our days often weighed down by headaches and pain? Here at Kerwin Street Dental in Cairns, we value the concerns of our…

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4 reasons why you should smile more often!

affordable cosmetic services

Have you ever wondered just how much a smile can affect your life? Here at Kerwin Street Dental in Cairns we want to share with you the multiple benefits that accompanies a genuine smile. However, we also understand that dental…

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4 important reasons why oral care matters

cosmetic dental treatments

The state of your oral health has an adverse affect on your entire health and wellbeing. Good oral health is essential to maintaining not only your oral health but the overall health of your body. At Kerwin Street Dental in…

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Restore your teeth in only one visit

dental restoration

Breakthrough technology means you can experience immediate dental results, allowing you to walk away with a completely new smile in just one visit! Traditional vs Digital If you are in need of a dental restoration such as a crown or…

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My tooth is infected and I’m in pain…What can I do?

Root Canal Treatment

When the nerve of a tooth becomes infected, root canal treatment can save your tooth. At Kerwin Street Dental in Cairns we believe in the importance of educating our patients about keeping their natural teeth for life. Some of our…

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What can I do to replace my missing tooth?

most popular implant technology

Are you missing one or more teeth? Restoring your missing tooth or teeth is not only important for your confidence and self esteem, but more importantly to your oral and overall health. After a full mouth examination here at Kerwin…

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Achieve a straighter, whiter & brighter smile at Kerwin Street Dental

brighter smile at Kerwin Street Dental

If you are suffering from discoloured or stained teeth, here at Kerwin Street Dental in Cairns, we can help you achieve a whiter, brighter and straighter smile. Stained, discoloured, cracked or chipped teeth can wreak havoc on your confidence levels,…

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The Comprehensive Treatment for Missing Teeth

prosthetic tooth replacement

There Is Really One Comprehensive, Long-Term Solution for Missing Teeth If by accident or injury you lose a tooth we would highly recommend replacing a missing tooth. There is more to replacing missing teeth than just aesthetics. Replacing a missing…

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Get Back Your Beautiful Smile Today!

restorative dental treatments

Restorative dentistry is an effective way to get back not only your confidence but your health as well Are you aware that your oral health can impact your overall health? Numerous studies have pointed to the fact that poor oral…

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