Cairns Locals Support New Smoking Laws

new smoking laws

Cairns locals embracing change

Cairns residents are embracing the changes to smoking legislation that were announced by the state government recently. The new laws include bans on smoking five metres within bus stops, taxi ranks, ferry terminals, kindergartens, and aged care facilities. This new legislation is aimed at providing a safer and more smoke-free environment for children and other non-smokers.

 Why the new rollout?

It’s no surprise that the effects of smoking are drastically traumatic for your health, and as more recently studies have proven it’s most dangerous for the people consuming the second-hand smoke around you. Hence the state government has decided to review the smoking legislation to actively protect the non-smokers in our society.


 About the legislation

From the 1st of September 2016, new smoking legislation will be effective in preventing smokers from smoking within the parameters of the following areas:

  • Ban smoking within five metres of public transport waiting points such as bus stops, taxi ranks and ferry terminals
  • Ban smoking within ten metres of playing and viewing areas during organised under-18 sporting events
  • Ban smoking within ten metres of skate parks
  • Ban smoking within five metres of early childhood education and care services, including kindergartens and places offering after school hour care
  • Ban smoking at all outdoor pedestrian malls
  • Ban smoking within five metres of all residential aged care facilities, outside of designated areas
  • Increase the smoke-free buffer at all non-residential building entrances from four to five metres
  • Ban smoking at pedestrian precincts around prescribed State Government Buildings
  • Ban smoking at public swimming pool facilities
  • Ban the sale of tobacco products from temporary retail outlets.
  • Empower local government to ban smoking in any public space not covered by state-wide smoking bans

What the locals say

The Cairns Post reported that Cairns City AFL Lions Juniors President, Craig Johnson said that the club supports the changes in legislation, which will ban smoking within 10 metres of under-18 sporting events.

“We think it’s great news, we’re all for anything that keeps kids from inhaling second-hand smoke… It’s very important for us to promote kids being healthy, it sets them up for life.” – Craig Johnson, Cairns City AFL Lions Juniors President.

Oral effects of smoking

The government has played a pivotal role in emphasising the extremely negative and often fatal effects of smoking in the past couple of years, yet a lot of smokers ignore the fact that their oral and overall health is being severely jeopardised by tobacco and cigarettes. If you’re a smoker, it is important to visit a dentist more regularly than a non-smoker due to the increased risk of oral cancer. Smokers are considered to be ‘high-risk’ patients for dentists and are also more susceptible to contracting more oral diseases than non-smokers.

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