6 things to consider when choosing a dentist in Cairns

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Not all dentists are the same. Luckily, as a potential patient, you have the luxury of being able to shop around for a dentist that suits your needs.


Your teeth are a lifetime investment, so it’s essential that your dentist provides quality care to stand the test of time. Whether you are having a check-up, dental implants or anything in between, a great dentist will meet and exceed your quality expectations every time. Your value for money is optimised when you ensure you choose a dentist who will treat every appointment with the utmost respect for your individual concerns and expectations. Wouldn’t you rather pay for one lasting, great quality treatment than have to have a cheaper treatment multiple times? You get what you pay for!

With more than 40 years’ experience in dentistry, Kerwin Street Dental provides quality and satisfaction time and time again. When visiting Kerwin Street Dental and his support team, their dedication to high quality oral care is evident in their passion for dentistry and drive for incredible results.


To get the most out of your dental results, you must be able to trust your dentist and their recommendations. If you constantly feel pressured by your dentist to undergo unnecessary or unwanted dental procedures, you might not be in the right place. Expect a good dentist to be transparent and honest about their practices and philosophy, and sincerely recommend appropriate treatment options.

Here at Kerwin Street Dental, we will never advise a treatment option if we would not consider it ourselves. We will always operate in the best interest of the patient. Rest assured that you will receive the treatment option that best suits your needs and concerns.


Does your dentist have extensive industry knowledge and experience? Have they established themselves as part of the local community? These are indicators of a dentist that you can have confidence in.

You can be sure that each of your treatments with Kerwin Street Dental will have positive results. With experience and longevity on our side and a team of dedicated professionals, we hope that you will rest assured in your choice of dentist.


Reliability is an essential quality in a dentist. If they are producing great results time and time again and have positive reviews in the community, you know you’ve got a keeper. If the practice has shown dedication and passion in their profession by going above and beyond their basic duties, that’s even better! 

You can rely on us. By producing a consistent string of positive results, we are proven providers of premium dental care. Our general, restorative and cosmetic dental treatments serve a large portion of the North Queensland region with pleasure. As these areas are largely underdeveloped and lack adequate dental care facilities, many of Kerwin Street Dental’ customers travel to Cairns for the sole purpose of his services.


You are giving your time and money for an appointment at your dentist, so they should give their undivided time and attention to you in return. Dentists who truly value your time will respect this and put systems in place to maximise their time spent with you in the chair.

Our longevity in the industry means our team has had ample time to establish streamlined processes and procedures to optimise all facets of the practice. As a result, we have more time with our patients, ensuring a thorough and valuable service for out patients. Standard appointments run for 30 minutes, giving us ample time to get you know you and your teeth.

Your Comfort

Not everyone feels comfortable going to the dentist – great oral health care professionals should recognise this and create a warm and inviting practice to allow patients to relax. You should also feel calm in the treatment rooms. Alternative treatment options should be available to those who find the dentist particularly nerve-racking to allow for a stress-free treatment.

Your comfort is of the utmost importance at Kerwin Street Dental – from waiting room to treatment, we want to make sure you have a pleasant experience. Each of our treatments are completed to the highest standards using advanced materials, techniques and technologies for your peace of mind.

Our ‘comfort first’ approach at Kerwin Street Dental is sure to impress:

  • The Lounge: Before you see Kerwin Street Dental for your treatment, relax and unwind in the warm and inviting waiting lounge.
  • The Treatment: As a welcome distraction to the treatment you are receiving, we will provide music to you, or bring your own.
  • Surgery Rooms: We have a number of surgery rooms available, all equipped for a different style of treatment. This ensures an efficient and comfortable approach suitable for your treatment needs.
  • Sedation: If dental anxiety is causing issues surrounding your treatment, we also provide sedation or sleep dentistry in order to minimise discomfort and relax you. We aim for a pain-free visit every time.

Looking for a Cairns Dentist?

Here at Kerwin Street Dental, our focus is you: the patient. Not all dentists are the same, and we pride ourselves on adhering to our practice philosophy to set us apart from the rest!

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