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At Bruce Stevens Dental, our modern practice is designed to create the best possible experience for new and regular visitors.  Our well established practice in Cairns has had a community presence for over 30 years. We are proud to say we have seen 3 generations of patients come through our doors, as we have treated adult patients, their children, and their grandchildren.

Meet Dr Bruce Stevens

Dr Bruce Stevens is proud and pleased to welcome you to his practice, Bruce Stevens Dental in Cairns.

Dr Stevens graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Dental Science in 1973.  From this time Dr Bruce Stevens has been able to provide comprehensive dental treatment for all patients in a variety of disciplines. After finishing his Bachelor degree Dr Bruce Stevens worked all across Australia, as well as in Cairns to gain experience in both metropolitan and country areas.

A Passion for Restorative Dentistry

Dr Stevens has a special interest in restorative and reconstructive treatment, with a particular focus on dental implants. He completed The Advanced Masters course at the UCLA Medical School in Los Angeles in the study of dental implants in order to provide patients with this valuable treatment.

Dental implants are a technological development that have allowed people to finally replace missing teeth with strong, sturdy, natural-looking prosthetic teeth. This treatment is only one of the ways that Dr Bruce Stevens helps patients reclaim the appearance and function of their smile.

Dr Stevens is also a Member of the Endodontic society, the Australian Osseointegration Society and the Australian Dental Board in Queensland.

Our Practice Philosophy

At Bruce Stevens Dental, our focus has been consistent for many years and we have treated thousands of people since we established the practice. Our longevity is a testament to our capability and the warm service we provide.  We feel that at Bruce Stevens Dental, our philosophy of care is simple and is described in these six points:


Bruce Stevens has 40 years’ experience. When you visit Dr Stevens and his support staff you will see we are dedicated to providing all of our patients with the finest quality dental care.


We would only recommend treatments for you that we would choose for ourselves. You will always receive the most appropriate treatment for your needs.


We believe that you deserve to have a positive result every time you visit. Our experience and our longevity have served our community well, and we have had many satisfied visitors over the years. This should reassure you that you are in the right place.


By being consistent, we have proven to be a reliable provider of essential dental services to the community. We are a premium provider of general, restorative and cosmetic dental treatments to the North Queensland region. These areas are largely underdeveloped and many don’t have dental practices. Because of this Bruce Stevens Dental effectively services a large area of North Queensland.


We’ve had the time to establish procedures and processes that streamline every potential part of our practice. This means that we can give back the time and cost efficiency to our patients and give you a valuable service in return.

Your Comfort

Each of our treatments are completed to the highest standards using advanced materials, techniques and technologies. They are all performed gently with your comfort as the main priority.

Experience the benefits of our ‘Comfort First’ approach at Bruce Stevens Dental:

  • The Lounge: We have a pleasant patient lounge where you can relax before your treatment. Our lounge is designed to be comfortable and relax you before you see Dr Bruce Stevens.
  • The Treatment Room: Once in the treatment rooms, you can listen to your personal iPod or music player or we can provide music for you. These distractions can help relax you for your appointment.
  • We have a number of surgery rooms available, all equipped for a different style of treatment. This ensures an efficient and comfortable approach suitable for your treatment needs. Generally, our appointments last 30 minutes and we will inform you if we think it will take any longer.
  • Sedation: If you’re worried about receiving your treatment because of dental anxiety, we also provide sedation or sleep dentistry to minimise discomfort and relax you. We aim for a pain-free visit every time.

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